About James Hofheins

About James Hofheins

I teach how to serve in very small and simple ways. The ideas may sound simplistic, but the effects are felt long after the act is complete. Some might even call the daily challenges random acts of kindness.

If you would like me to talk to your group, synagogue, church, school or other organization about service, my contact information is below. The only thing I charge is a small speaking fee and travel expenses if outside the Salt Lake City metro area. (Please note that other than travel expenses, there is no speaking fee for religious organizations)

If you would like to book me on your radio or television show or podcast, there is no fee, other than travel expenses if travel outside the Salt Lake City metro area is required.

The phrase “Service is the Action Form of Love” comes from a book called “The Message” by Lance Richardson.

Lance had a near death experience, and while his body lay in a coma, his spirit traveled to the Spirit World where he learned many truths. One of the most important was that service is the verb, or action form, of love.

Whether you believe in near death experiences, heaven, hell or anything else along those lines, I ask you only to believe one thing – that service to others can and does change lives.

It impacts widows, parents, and children. It helps the disabled, the hungry, the veteran. It makes a difference in the lives of the homeless, orphans, students and coworkers.

And, just as importantly, it can be a transformational experience for the one who serves.

Having been raised in a large family who learned service through church activities, I’ve come to understand that many people view service as burdensome. We often think that for it to be effective, service has to be coordinated, complicated and time consuming.

It doesn’t.

Thanks for taking the time to consider how I might help you. Together, we can make a difference, one act of service at a time.

James Hofheins,
Service – The Action Form of Love

Contact Info:

Phone (801) 835-9715
email: jameswhofheins@yahoo.com
You can also find me on twitter: http://twitter.com/jwhof