Name my Project Contest

So, in doing some research on the web, I've discovered there's a major user of the term "Operation Kindness". They help animals. Nobody seems to have noticed I accidentally used their name, but I want to avoid any confusion before any harmless creatures are harmed.

So, here's your challenge...

Name my project!

I need a name that obviously reflects what I do.

I go into schools and teach children and teachers respect for each other. I teach kindness. I teach this to hopefully end bullying and suicide and other nasty after-effects of disrespect and unkind behaviors.

What would you call it?

Winning name (first one who suggests it) gets:

Two blog posts about their favorite cause or charity, one week apart.

Or $1,000,000.00 as long as you will accept $1.00 per year for 1 million years (as long as I'm mortally alive. Once I'm dead, the payments must, of a necessity, stop) (if you would rather have a bulk payout, I'll send you .85 cents - one week from the day you notify me that's what you'd like).

There's your challenge!

Please use the "Comments" section to make your nomination. Please make sure to leave contact info if you're going for the monetary prize)

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